Why Qeep?

Does your company, your team, your people live out their full potential? Do you? Our performance data, collected over the last 20 year across hundreds of teams, shows that only 30% of what we plan is fully executed. 70% of what we plan to conduct is either stopped or just never carried out. During times of high market demand, these teams all reach their financial targets and are “successful.” During times of low demand, growing competition or disruption, these teams underperform. They cannot adopt fast enough since their plans does not guide their activities and behaviour.

At Qeep we lift the level of ambition, courage and perseverance of people, leaders and teams. At Qeep we lift the level of execution of people. leaders and teams. In short – we lift your level of performance during times of growth, decline and disruption.

At Qeep, our years of corporate leadership- and consulting experience combined with our the application of the newest performance IT technology allow us to coach your people, leaders and team to reach their full potential.

Our pledge: Working with Qeep, your people will know their full potential and within a year, they will deliver results that you thought were impossible.

The challenge: Do you dare unleashing the potential of your team?

You are forced to see your organisation in a new perspective and to inspire others to do the same. We are satisfied when you set goals so high, that you consider them unreachable. Then we will show you that they can be reached. There will be obstacles along the way, but we will solve them – step by step- and soon your organisation will operate faster, and more effective than ever before – lifting your people and customer satisfaction.

It’s quite simple. We will bring your organisation to new heights – within a year. And you will be responsible for the best result improvements in the history of organisation.

Does it sound too good to be true? Well do not take our word for it, Check out our cases and see for yourself what we have accomplished. Or give us a call and we will connect you with the program responsible at our clients. They will tell you what to expect.

Qeep has been rated the #1 Sales/Commercial Excellence advisor in DK/Scandinavia by Consulting League and has won numerous consulting prices such as the Danish Industry award in 2004, 2009 and 2011 and Børsens Gazelle price 2015 (the leading Danish business newspaper). We collaborate with leading technological companies such to create digital solutions for our clients. We promise to engage everyone in your organisation and get you where you want to go.

Within a year, we promise results that you thought were impossible.

Qeep A/S – Qeep Copenhagen
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Phone: +45 24 88 11 20
Email: lasse.hansen@qeep.as

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What result is possible?

Qeep’s consultants give companies the confidence to raise the bar for what is possible to achieve. We challenge leaders to discard their old mindset, to think in new ways and to set goals more ambitious than ever before. We combine our years of leadership and consulting experience with the newest technologies in order to engage everyone in your organisation and get you where you want to go!