Breakthrough Thinking and Strategy

Qeep’s opportunity work is for companies that wants to achieve extraordinary results and breakthroughs. It’s for companies that wants to break with the old way of thinking and evolve in order to bring the organisation to a higher level.

We want to facilitate a culture of strategic and change-driven thinking. This involves implementing on all levels. It requires commitment to change, commitment to challenge the paradigms and the necessary strategic push.


The goal is to break with the old way of thinking and doing things in order to identify obstacles and uncover new possibilities. Sometimes obstacles are obvious, but often the most important once are incredibly hard to identify without the use of our tools.

Qeep opportunity work and opportunity meetings

What we offer is:

  • A deep dive into the possibilities of the company
  • Identification of the critical factors for results
  • An assessment of the company culture
  • An understanding of the communication dynamics and interpretations
  • Recommendations and drafts to facilitation of breakthroughs and result process

 How does it work?

The process takes 3-8 weeks. Qeep and the appointed key employees of your organisation will identify and analyse the following:

  • Opportunities, breakthroughs, new result levels and possible improvement points of your results
  • Critical result factors
  • Company culture and leadership
  • An understanding of the communication dynamics and interpretation

The background for the process is created through initial interviews and company visits by Qeep employees. We look at the company situation and how it works today, yesterday and tomorrow. Based on this picture of the future, we define what results we want to achieve.

We work with three critical, key areas that drives results. They are analysed in regards to the degree of work and responsibility. We also work with communication dynamics, how interpretations affect us and how established paradigms in the company affects results. The organisations priorities, responsibility and patterns of doing things comes to light. On this background, we formulate recommendations to how the organisation reach their goals. It is done through a structured Design Work in collaboration with the customer. It ensures optimal effect.

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What result is possible?

Qeep’s consultants give companies the confidence to raise the bar for what is possible to achieve. We challenge leaders to discard their old mindset, to think in new ways and to set goals more ambitious than ever before. We combine our years of leadership and consulting experience with the newest technologies in order to engage everyone in your organisation and get you where you want to go!