You have saved, now it is time to sell

For a long time, the general focus of Danish companies has been on the bottom line and on minimising costs. Now we have to start talking about the top line again. We need to start focusing on sale and turnover. The economic crises have put pressure on sales in many companies and forced them to focus on costs optimisation. Before the crisis, many companies had become too” fat”, because in good economic times it is easier to:

  • Give a little bit higher wages
  • To hire an extra person, when the existing staff feel overwhelmed with tasks
  • To upgrade the cantina, when employees consider the lunches to boring

During the crisis, many companies reduced the redundant” fat” and adopted a leaner company structure. Now it is time to take on more ambitious sales strategies again. A crisis always gives fantastic opportunities to win market share for the companies that are courageous enough to focus on sales before others does it.

Our challenge to you is: set an ambitious sales goal for the next year and put forward a strategy that ensures that you reach that goal.