Are the ambitions big enough in your organisation?

The late summer and fall period is the time for conducting financial statements, but is this process in reality a prevention for realising the companies’ ambitions? Qeep has experienced time and time again, that the courage and ambitions gets to small in small Danish companies.

The traditional top-down budget process rarely creates commitment and motivation for real result creation. Instead it inspires sub optimisation in specific departments and protection of resources and influence.

Let goals and ambitions be created from the bottom, get employees committed to their own goals and then involve the management. Our experience is that the goals become significantly higher when they are set by employees and at the same time, it is easier to stay on budget.

DDC Energy realised their ambitious and” unrealistic” goals by activating the entire organisation.


Can your organisation create better results?

As a leader, do you put ambitious goals forward and manage to realise them? Studies shows that only 15% of Danish middle line managers do this resulting in many organisations not reaching their full potential. Are you a result hero?

A result hero has to be able to do two things:

  • He has to able to set forward ambitious goals both for him/herself and the organisation
  • He has to be able to realise them

Often it goes wrong already in the goal setting process. Way too many leaders look at yearly results from the previous years and hope to perform slightly better the coming year. Maybe increase sales by 5% or cut the costs with 10%. That is not what vi call ambitious goals. Therefore, our work often starts with helping organisations set goals that are more ambitious than ever before. This is nearly the most important part.

What goals has your organisation sat for the coming year?