Where is the focus of your strategy?

 In many companies’ strategy is something you put forward…… and forget. It’s like the CEO said;” Of course we have put forward a strategy, we just forgot where vi put it.”

The organisational leaders go to strategy seminars and discuss the vision, mission, goals and plans of the organisation. Everything gets turned into beautiful PowerPoint presentations which are presented to employees with great enthusiasm.

But when it’s back to everyday life, the leaders and employees do what they always have. They go back to their old ways of working. They reach the results they always have and nobody follows up on the strategy.

That’s a really bad way to work.

At Qeep we work with what vi call, executable strategy.

It all starts with the goal. Organisations have to force themselves to put forward ambitious goals that commits the entire organisation. Unfortunately, a lot of companies adopt the same strategy as the previous year by extrapolating the financial results of the previous year. It doesn’t challenge the existing way of doing things.

Qeep challenges organisations existing ways of thinking and doing things. An ambitious goal, parred with a sufficient strategy is what we call executable strategy.

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