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SAS Cargo

In 2007, SAS Cargo lost market share despite strong growth in the airfreight market and started a collaboration with Qeep. Through a 52-week proces, Qeep coached and trained the managers, changing their mindset, which helped the organisation exceed all goals the following year.

Unrealistic Goal: To gain market share

Outcome: 3.8%: increase in market share

Solution: Sales Breakthrough Program – Gain Market Share

We now have a finely tuned organization that is much more results oriented. We are much more ambitious about achieving the goals we set for ourselves!
— Rasmus Enderslev, Director of Sales, SAS Cargo

The Challenge

In 2007, SAS Cargo lost market share despite strong growth in the airfreight market.

The Process

At the end of 2007, Qeep and the SAS Cargo management held a series of possibility meetings where they set very ambitious goals for 2008.

Qeep then coached and trained the managers, helping to change the mindset at SAS Cargo in the course of the 52-week process.

Old Habits

At SAS Cargo, staff generally thought their job was to take incoming orders: “The customers call when they have freight that needs transporting.”  Bringing in new customers and meeting demand was considered “someone else’s” job.

New Behaviour

Customer service representatives took responsibility for proactively maintaining contact with their customers. They began to contact customers to ascertain future demands and in the process were able to determine whether competitors were in play. The new activities included keeping tabs on customers, following up on employee performance and taking action on any initiatives necessary to achieve their goals.

The Results

SAS Cargo exceeded its goals for 2008:

  • After one year, sales exceeded budget by 21%
  • Individual sales increased by 58%
  • 3.8% increase in market share

The Hero

Susse – a customer service representative – increased her sales by 234% in three months. Susse became proactive and chose not to give up on customers who used alternative freight solutions. She aimed for 100% share of wallet when it came to her customer’s airfreight. And she succeeded!

The Unrealistic Goal

To turn declining market share into positive growth.

The Organisation

SAS Cargo is an independent company within the SAS Group. Every day, 165 employees provide airfreight services on 1,000 flights throughout Europe and weekly flights to North America and Asia.