Commercial Excellence

Nets chooses Qeep as supplier of Customer Journey program

The digital payment business is in rapid development and users are looking for unique solutions that matches their business best. In this regard, Nets is collaborating with Qeep to establish a strong commercial excellence plan in order to target customers in the most optimal way. This will contribute to improving the commercial and sales execution program to ensure that Nets continues as a leading company within its field.

Commercial Excellence Updates

Qeep initiates collaboration with Hardi

Hardi is a world leading Danish company within the agriculture spraying business. Hardi operates in 120 countries and employs more than a 1000 people worldwide.

Hardi International wants to establish a better understanding of the customers decision-making process including the thoughts and considerations that goes into the process. In this regard, Hardi and Qeep has engaged in a collaboration to lift the customer loyalty through a better understanding of the end-user. Through these initiatives, Hardi wishes to reach the maximum value in the sales and marketing activity across the organisation.