Commercial Excellence Updates

Konica Minolta chooses Qeep to help improve their sales execution program

Konica Minolta is a publicly traded company, world leader within the business of industrial picture products such as copiers, laser printers and multifunctional peripherals. The company has costumers worldwide and offices in 49 different countries.

Konica Minolta is currently launching several new IT products and services targeted to new and existing customers. Konica Minolta is collaborating with Qeep in order to improve its sales execution program and the operational strategy that goes with it. This is done in order to ensure the maximal amount of cross and up-selling to existing customers and to attract the highest number of new customers.

Perfomance Management Updates

9 Principals for good execution leadership!

It is important to have the right strategy, but the ability to set ambitious goals and act on these is what separates the ones that succeed from the rest.

It takes ambitions to set high goals out of the comfort zone.

It takes courage to constantly challenge the previous way of doing things and to mobilize the necessary resources to change status quo.

It takes persistency to keep motivated and not to give up before the goal has been established.

The bottom line is that it’s about conducting business in a specific way and about taking on a certain mindset.

Qeep's 9 principals for good execution leadership

Qeep’s 9 principals for good execution leadership