Demystifying the Customer Journey

Understanding the Customer Journey is essential for companies that want to know and think like their customers.

The fact that monitoring and improving customer experience is essential for boosting loyalty and customer lifetime value does not come as a surprise to many companies. Unfortunately, many companies take an approach that is too simplistic, thinking that regular satisfaction surveys will do the trick. In reality CEM programs are most successful when built around the entire customer experience across every facet of the organisation. In this article below, Satmetrix explains how companies can get the most out of their CEM programs and maximise their customer satisfaction by taking a customer centric approach. The article shows that understanding the Customer Journey plays an essential role as it helps companies think like their customers and identify critical touchpoints. The article recommends creating a customer journey blueprint and to align functional areas to journey stages in order to create the most optimal customer experience.

At Qeep we have worked intensively with Customer Journey mapping and Customer Loyalty with major clients such as Hardi and Nets. In both cases, customer satisfaction boosted rapidly, proving the fact that CEM programs are most successful when a customer centric approach is taken. We believe that the people that are in contact with your company always should be your number one priority. If you don’t have happy and engaged colleagues, they will work inefficiently and turn theirs backs at you and so will you customers. The next generation of business leaderes should put their people first!

If you want to be part of a new and more fulfilling way of running a company, then lets break with the old habits of doing business. We can help you implement a technological platform that lets you measure both customer and employee satisfaction in real time. We can help you analyse and leverage this data and drive change in your company. The method is a proven tool that has been used for more than 10 years by companies such as Apple and Lego.

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