Cases Perfomance Management

Hillerød Hospital

With the help from Qeep, Hillerød Hospital was able to transform a budget deficit of 18 million into profit, improve the patient treatment by reducing the time on waiting list by 12% and reduce the number of employee sick days by 2%.

Unrealistic Goal: To reverse a budget shortfall and reduce waiting lists

Outcome: Budget deficit turned positive and waiting lists are shorter

Solution: Performance Management Program – Stay on Budget

In the beginning, I thought it was really irritating because they were so damned persistent. And they would sometimes interrupt things that were planned in meetings and such. But after a while we could see that it really helped us drive the process. Because as health professionals, we have a tendency to say: The patients come first!
— Annelise Bertelsen, Chief Nurse

The Challenge

In 2005, the OB/GYN department at Hillerød Hospital, located north of Copenhagen, exceeded a budget of DKK 100 million by the enormous sum of DKK 15-18 million. This made it difficult for the department to function smoothly. Thus the challenge: To stay on budget!

The Process

Qeep helped and coached the department management throughout the process. The managers began to set goals and keep close tabs via progress via weekly results meetings.

Old Habits

The patients received proper treatment, but spending exceeded the budget.

New Behaviour

Everyone at the hospital began to view their job as not just to meet the patient needs but to do so within the given budget. Proactive planning and follow-up on expenses for temps, material consumption, occupancy, etc. ensured that the staff assumed responsibility for patient satisfaction and budget compliance.

The Results

  • Budget shortfall of 15% transformed into a profit
  • Staff sick days reduced by 2%
  • Waiting lists reduced by 12%

The Unrealistic Goal

The projected budget shortfall of DKK 15 million made it difficult for the department to function smoothly, leading department management to set a goal of reversing the budget shortfall.

The Organisation

Hillerød Hospital serves 310,000 people in Northern Zealand. The OB/GYN department provides prenatal and birth care, fertility treatments and female pelvic medicine. The department has 283 employees.